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Welcome to North East White Pride! is New England's premier White's rights and advocacy website. Since 2003, NEWP users have been actively supporting the White Nationalist community in New England and beyond.

NEWP expects all users to operate within the law. While we support freedom of speech, those promoting illegal activities or violent acts will be removed from the site.

xxAmerican jews shake down French railroad for holocaust reparations | 10 Apr 14

Domestic Patriot
21:36:36 by Domestic Patriot
Views: 1322 | Comments: 0

Nearly 75 years ago Germany used French rails to transport jews to internment camps. These days jews around the world, claiming to be "holocaust survivors", are wringing every shekel they can from the holocaust racket.

The latest comes as the US and France are trying to agree on reparations provided by SNCF, Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français or The French Railway Company. It's not enough for governments around the world, as well as companies and other entities to pay reparations to the jews, while other victims of war are ignored, the current demands for payment also in...

xxLess than 50 people sign up for obamacare | 17 Oct 13

Domestic Patriot
08:53:27 by Domestic Patriot
Views: 2213 | Comments: 2

In the entire state of Wisconsin less than 50 people signed up for obamacare, despite barrys $600 MILLION dollar website, built by a Canadian company. Healthcare providers in the state say that only "a handful" of people have signed up.


The latest Affordable Care Act enrollment numbers in Wisconsin have come out, revealing that fewer than 50 people have enrolled.

The Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance confirmed the low turnout, and some Wisconsin health clinics say that it’s even less than that.

Trish Sarvella with Partnership Co...

xxSurvival of the fittest, Krokodil spreads across the US | 12 Oct 13

Domestic Patriot
12:39:11 by Domestic Patriot
Views: 3777 | Comments: 6

A drug called Krokodil is sweeping across the US, being sold as heroin and landing users in the hospital. The drug was patented in the US and sold in the 1930s as desomorphine before being replaced by other drugs. A home-made version is made with codeine, gas or lighter fluid and other ingredients and costs 1/10th of what heroin costs but produces a similar high.

The home-made version became popular in Siberia, moving with Russian communities and was recently reported in Arizona. It's now been confirmed in three cases in Joliet, Illinois - a popular stopping point for drug dealers ...

xxMassResistance files bill to stop schools from turning kids gay | 12 Oct 13

Domestic Patriot
10:51:38 by Domestic Patriot
Views: 2468 | Comments: 2

A child goes to a school counselor. The counselor, trained by LGBT groups, refers the child to an outside club for gays without any parental permission or notification. The gay club tells the child that his parents don't understand, that he was born gay and anyone who doesn't support the gay lifestyle is a "homophobe". It's not until the child becomes a young man and moves away that he finally understands what's been done to him by the gay agenda being pushed in our public schools.

It happens all the time. School teachers and administrators are taught how to push the gay agenda in ...

xxMaryland counties try to Secede | 12 Oct 13

Domestic Patriot
10:27:33 by Domestic Patriot
Views: 1921 | Comments: 0

By Ian Simpson

WESTMINSTER, Md., Oct 12 (Reuters) - Scott Strzelczyk is fed up with what he calls political slavery in Maryland and sees one way out - creating a breakaway state, a feat that has not been accomplished since the American Civil War.

Riding a wave of anti-government sentiment across the United States, the small-town information technology consultant has launched a long-shot bid to get Maryland's five conservative western counties to secede from the state, one of the most liberal and Democratic in the country.

"We think we have irreconcilable differ...

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